Perhaps it makes more sense now to buy a new air conditioner than spending more money on the repairs of the old one. This will save you from the worries and inconvenience as well as benefit from the higher efficiency of the new AC. Also, you might be looking for additional features such as quiet mode, energy saving features and better settings control (through WiFi and smartphone).

Repairs are getting frequent and costly

To repair the AC, the labour cost could be a minimum of $80 per hour. That cost depends on the difficulty of the job, the number of hours to complete the repair and your location. The total repair costs can really blow up if parts and components should be replaced (especially the compressor, where it’s more practical to buy a new AC instead).

The repair costs might vary and during the early years most likely it’s covered by the warranty. However, if the AC is already 5 years old or more and the repairs are getting frequent and costly, it’s time to consider buying a new AC. It’s especially the case when the repair and parts replacement are no longer covered by the warranty.

Spare yourself from the worries and inconvenience

When the AC is already old and has been in repairs lately, it’s natural to get worried about its reliability. Anytime it might break down and ruin your day or night. It can be a huge hassle especially if it’s after a long exhausting day or during a special gathering. It takes time for a technician to arrive, which takes away precious time  and attention for you which could be instead spent on work or leisure.

Additional features

Many modern ACs now have additional features aside from temperature control. You can find air conditioners with smart energy saving features (with sensors that trigger temperature adjustment), quiet mode and easier control (you only use your smartphone instead of finding the remote control).

Also, modern ACs have modern designs and higher efficiencies. This is to reflect the modern requirements of households and workplaces. The AC’s look should go well with the interior design and perhaps even enhance the space.

If you’re looking for a modern AC that will be a reliable part of your home or office, you can start browsing this page. We have a wide selection that will surely fit your requirements and preferences.

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