Air conditioning units might cost from $1,600 to around $5,000 for homes and small commercial premises. Making a mistake with your choice could cost you thousands of dollars and you might also be forced to settle with that mistake for years.

What are those common mistakes? It’s important to get familiar with those so you can know them early and avoid them in the first place.

Mistakes when buying an air conditioner

First is about buying the wrong size. Here, size refers to the kW of the unit (not the physical dimensions of the air conditioner). If the kW is too small compared to the room size it needs to cool down, the unit will work much harder to achieve the desired temperature and comfort. This means you’ll be paying a higher energy bill each month. On the other hand, if the kW is too high and it’s just a small room, you’ll also pay a higher energy bill and you’re not getting the most of what you pay (aside from higher kW units being more expensive).

Another sad mistake is about buying an air conditioner of an unknown brand. This still happens today because those are cheaper than the established brands. However, cheaper units might fail much earlier or anytime (and often at the most inconvenient moment). In the long term you’ll spend more on the repair or decide to finally replace it with a high-performance one (which should have been done in the first place). In addition, air conditioning technicians might find it hard to repair cheaper units and unknown brands. They might not have the replacement parts to make the unit working perfectly again. To be safe, it’s always recommended to choose the top brands for your peace of mind.

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