Although air conditioning can somehow contribute to ventilation (especially with proper HVAC system design), it’s not as effective as opening the windows and doors to let the fresh air come in. After all, ventilation means good air circulation and diluting the allergens and pollutants inside the premises (whether letting fresh air come in or let some of the indoor air come out).

What air conditioners actually do

Aside from cooling or heating the room, air conditioners also lower the humidity levels. This means they dry the air which deprives the mould of water. In contrast, if humidity levels are always high, some of the water vapour will condense in certain spots and areas. These areas are ideal environments for the mould.

However, because of air conditioning the windows and doors are always closed. In addition, we stay inside for extended periods because of the comfortable temperatures. As a result, there’s more chance for us to inhale some of the pollutants and allergens. With us being inside our homes or workplace for several hours plus the high concentration of the pollutants (fresh air doesn’t come in), we then become at risk of harming our respiratory health.

What to do to improve indoor air quality

We shouldn’t rely on the air conditioner alone. First, we should always turn on the exhaust fans when showering, cooking and doing the laundry. This is to expel the moisture as well as some of the air particles. It also helps to avoid smoking inside and limiting the burning of candles.

Another way to improve indoor air quality is by vacuuming regularly and using low-VOC cleaning products. This is to prevent pollutants and irritants from accumulating. In fact, this should be the first measure because if the area is heavily polluted in the first place, ventilation won’t help much.

When it comes to air conditioning and indoor air quality, there are now modern models with air purifying technologies. They have features that trap microparticles, decompose odours and deactivate bacteria. These features perfectly complement the built-in dehumidifying capabilities of air conditioners.

If you require more information about such features and where to find air conditioners with air purification technologies, you can ask us here at iSupply HVAC. We will quickly respond and answer your questions.

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