Yes, we can organise installation of your air conditioning unit. All our installers are ARCTICK Licensed, fully qualified and insured. Contact us to arrange a quote for installation today.

Once you purchase an air conditioner from us, contact will be made to arrange a suitable time/date for collection from our delivery driver. We usually deliver within 5 working days or shorter. A longer period can be arranged should you choose.

At the moment we deliver to Sydney and surrounding suburbs. North up to Newcastle, South to Woollongong and West to the Blue Maintains.

A standard size main bedroom (approx 20 square meters) would require a 2.5KW unit. Please see our sizing guide page for more information.

A standard size living area (approx 35 square meters) would require a 5.0KW unit. Please see our sizing guide page for more information.

Generally, a 5 year manufactures warranty is standard on all residential applications. This may vary in a commercial environment.

No you cannot. It is required that any purchased air conditioner has its own power feed from your switch board, wired to a dedicated circuit breaker. Your warranty will be void if the above is not carried out. This must be carried out by a licensed electrician.

A split system generally means 2 parts make a full system, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. Refrigeration pipe work and electrical cabling is ran interconnecting the two units. The indoor unit delivers heat or cool air through a supply fan while the outdoor unit has the compressor which pumps the refrigerant through the system.

Not yet! We currently do not operate out of a warehouse. All orders are delivered from our suppliers. We aim to have a warehouse and showroom very soon. Less outgoings for us means lower prices for you.

Air conditioning unit installation must be carried out by a qualified & licenced person. They must be registered with ARCTICK (Australian Refrigeration Council).