First, if your air conditioner is already out of warranty and there have been frequent repairs recently. Second, if your energy bill has spiked because your air conditioner is overworking (heating and cooling can take up to 40% of your energy bill). Third, your air conditioner shuts down randomly (which can make it fail totally if not repaired immediately).

Can it still be repaired?

Yes, in most cases. It might just be a problem with the electrical connections, ductwork or a minor problem in the coils, condenser, compressor or evaporator. If the problem and parts are still covered by the 5-year warranty, it will all be quick and easy.

But if you bought your air conditioner more than five years ago, it can be an expensive repair. The total costs will include the parts repair or replacement plus the labour costs. In many cases the repair will be quick and cheap but you should still prepare for the additional expenses. Also mind the hassle and the lost hours of sleep or productivity.

As a result, many just buy a new unit to avoid the hassle and perhaps even save on monthly energy bills. Modern units now run more efficiently and there are also many that have energy-saving modes. This prevents unnecessary cooling or heating and only delivers you just the right amount of comfort (while helping you save money).

How to make the right choice

Choices are unlimited now especially when it comes to price range and features. Most common are split systems (could be $600 and up) and they can have varying fan speeds, operating modes (e.g. economy, auto, quiet), sensors (e.g. economy mode kicks in if no one’s in the room), air filtration and remote or Wi-Fi control.

To make the right choice, it’s important to take note of your priorities. For example, if indoor air quality is a priority, you should choose a unit with air purification and self-cleaning features. It’s also important to choose the right size for efficiency reasons (e.g. for a 20 sq m bedroom a 2.5kW unit is already good).

If you need some help and clarifications, you can also contact us here at iSupply HVAC. We will use our 15+ years experience and our knowledge of the modern units to provide you the most practical and cost-effective air conditioning solution.

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