Here, an energy saving air conditioner means you’re getting the most out of every dollar you pay for your energy bills. You still pay the price but you achieve the desired level of comfort even during temperature extremes outside.

How do I choose an energy saving air conditioner

To make the right choice, it helps to start with your requirements and then work backwards. For example, if you only need one room to be cooled, a single split system is already enough. Whether it’s the baby room or your home office where you need intense focus, it makes practical sense to have that air conditioned. For other areas in your home natural ventilation might already be enough.

You can also have a multi split system where you can cool two to five rooms. This can work with multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. It’s a practical and economical solution like when you want maximum comfort alone inside your home office while other rooms of your house still have comfortable temperatures. It even gets better because there’s individual climate control.

Ducted air conditioning solutions can also be energy saving for homes that require entire cooling. Uniform temperature and maximum comfort can be achieved and everything looks and feels fine and safe. However, you have to make sure that this is the optimal solution for your requirements. If you only tend to stay in one or two rooms, ducted systems won’t be ideal.

What about energy saving features and sensors? This is about optimisation where the units run when they need to be and tone down a bit when there’s no need (or when there’s no person inside for several minutes). It’s also about a bit of automation where you don’t have to worry about adjusting the settings every now and then.

Most modern air conditioners now have several settings and features which allow for optimisation and energy efficiency. Because of the several choices available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. If you have queries, you can quickly contact us here at iSupply HVAC. We can assist in choosing the best unit specifically for your home or business.

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