First, a warranty is essentially a promise that everything will still be all right even if something goes wrong. For example, it’s common in air conditioners to find a “5-year warranty on parts and labour.” This means for the years ahead, you won’t worry much about the costs on repair or replacement of the AC unit. The seller or manufacturer will do the repair or replacement at no charge (including the parts, materials and labour hours).

How does AC warranty work?

As mentioned, a warranty is a promise from the manufacturer or seller. We can also think of it as your right as a customer who entrusted your money and confidence to a certain product or service. This means a warranty is not just an empty promise to gain a sale, but also a legal right where you can file a complaint backed by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The ACL protects consumers and also holds the businesses accountable and liable for abuse and misrepresentation. There are businesses that provide extra promises and exaggerate things just to attract more customers and gain more sales. But because of the ACL, most of those abusive practices can be discouraged or prevented. Also, consumers gain peace of mind and they’re even encouraged to move forward with their purchase (which then is good for the economy because money flows).

When it comes to buying air conditioners, the accompanying warranty card might plainly and immediately state that you’re entitled to the product’s replacement or refund if there’s a major failure with the unit. That statement is often written in a way that’s easy to read and understand (ACL requires this). Also, information about how to file a claim and what the business should do are also included and stated clearly.

Although warranties from reputable manufacturers and suppliers are always clear and complete (also, they honour the claims and warranties because their reputations are at stake), it’s still important to read the warranty statements. This way, you’ll know your rights in case you’re filing a claim and also know for sure what’s covered before moving ahead with the purchase.

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