Inverter-type air conditioners use a variable motor speed to maintain temperature instead of the on and off that is used by the non-inverter types. The on and off (non-inverter) uses more energy than “just keeping the pace” (inverter).

Should you buy an inverter AC?

Inverter-types have become popular because of their greater efficiency. With an almost real-time matching of the cooling or heating to the room’s requirements, there will be less wasted energy. As a result, it has become a practical choice in dwellings, buildings and even industrial facilities. The energy savings even become more pronounced when the AC is being used the entire day and night (8 to 12+ hours). Through the months and years, the savings will be enough to justify the higher purchase price of inverter ACs.

But to fully benefit from inverter types, the unit should match the room size and its air conditioning requirements. As mentioned earlier, an inverter AC is about keeping the pace of the motor speed to maintain temperature levels. However, if the room is too large or too hot (or there are several heat-emitting devices and often there are too many occupants), the inverter AC will have that high motor speed all day or all night long. In other words, it will become just like using a non-inverter AC.

Remember that the energy saving feature of an inverter comes from an almost real-time matching of the heating/cooling to the room’s requirements. Once the set temperature is reached, the motor speed will slow down and it will just maintain the temperature. But if it’s too hard to reach and maintain the set temperature, the motor will just continue running at top speed.

As a result, it’s important to pay attention not just whether an AC is an inverter or not, but also if it’s the correct size according to room size and your requirements. This is to get the most out of your purchase and that in the long term you will truly save money. It’s especially the case if you’ll be using the unit the whole day or night (and almost daily). Whether you’ll be using it at your home, business or building, choosing an inverter (plus making sure it’s of the correct size) can help you get the most out of every dollar you pay for electricity.

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