Aside from having a reliable and energy-efficient air conditioner, it also helps to think about how much sunlight is hitting your home, the natural ventilation, the use of a ceiling fan and even the material of your pillow covers and bed sheets (cotton is breathable and air is still a bit circulating).

How to keep your house cool and save money

Heat builds up inside homes and rooms because of the continuous sunlight during the day as well as human presence and activities (cooking, exercising or even just sleeping where the body continuously gives off heat). The heat-build up is also caused by the trapped warm air where room temperature doesn’t have a chance to reach equilibrium with what’s felt outdoors.

The key then is to address the things that cause heat build-up. First, some of the sunlight should be blocked through trees, plants, shades and blinds. This way there will be less heat that reaches the inside of a room or home to begin with. Second, human activities indoors should be limited or modified. For example, exercising could be done outside the home (except for security and safety reasons). Aside from the cooler air, it’s also fresher which can assist us during our exercise. Third, heat and warm air should be given a chance to go outside and reach equilibrium with cooler and fresher air. This means keeping the doors and windows open a bit longer (screens can help here for security and protection) so that warm air can go outside.

With efficient air conditioning plus those actions that are natural and almost free, the inside of a house can stay cool and this makes it easier to fall asleep during bedtime. Physical comfort is crucial to falling and staying asleep, which then helps us to feel cool and comfortable the next day. This makes a huge difference each day especially if we face challenges regularly where our physical and mental challenges are always being put to the test.

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