If your air conditioner doesn’t cool enough, it often means there’s low efficiency because it’s still using power (but the output isn’t satisfying now). Aside from raising your energy bills, you also don’t get your money’s worth every day and for weeks and months to come.

Is your AC already inefficient?

If your air conditioner is already five years old or more, expect the output to be lower. It’s not as good as new after all because of the natural and mechanical deterioration. It’s possible that the parts have already degraded even if regular maintenance was being conducted.

Aside from the deterioration, the inefficiency might also be because of the leaks. Holes and cracks in the coils lead to refrigerant leaks that affect the AC’s performance. This leak should be handled professionally because refrigerants are known to be harmful to the environment. Also, the refrigerant charge should exactly match that of the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum efficiency.

The inefficiency could also be because of the unit itself. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the parts and components (electrical connections should also be checked). If the warranty still covers it, the AC should be replaced right away so that you can enjoy the desired comfort at its right corresponding energy use.

Inefficiency is costly because the system still uses energy. It can still achieve the desired output through longer operation and more inputs of electricity. However, this additional cost can pile up especially if the AC is turned on for almost all day and all night. As a result, many households just think of buying a new air conditioner that cools enough and yet uses energy efficiently.

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