To save money on HVAC (especially on daily operations and energy bills), we have to focus on these three words: reduce, optimise and upgrade. This way, we can benefit from both upfront and long-term savings (especially if it’s a workplace or a commercial building).

Modern solutions on HVAC cost savings

Let’s start with reduce. What this means is that we reduce the need for heating and cooling in the first place. It’s a passive and permanent solution of saving on HVAC costs (both on the number of units and the type as well as on the air conditioner’s running time and cost). For example, an improved building insulation can make heating or cooling inside the building more efficient (i.e. the AC unit or system won’t have to work really hard to achieve the set temperature). Another way is by working on the windows (glazing, shading and covering). This is to reduce heat transfer and make your HVAC system work less and consume less energy.

Next to reduce is optimise. Further energy savings will result from optimisation such as when the HVAC units are relocated to specific areas where they’re needed the most. We can also pay attention to heat-emitting devices and equipment (the heat they emit is often significant). Good HVAC maintenance is also a key to optimisation and further energy savings.

Aside from Reduce and Optimise, we should also think about the Upgrade. Perhaps the HVAC unit or system is bearing too much load and as a result the system is working too hard (it consumes a lot of energy before it can reach the desired temperature). It’s especially the case in places with extreme climates or highly fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.

But if we upgrade the entire HVAC system, it’s possible to achieve up to 40 per cent energy savings (while making sure the desired temperature is being reached fast). For example, modern reverse cycle air conditioners can achieve much greater efficiencies compared to traditional systems (especially if you’re replacing units that are already 5 to 10 years old).

There are several other ways to achieve significant savings. HVAC professionals can quickly assist you when it comes to that (and also assist you in making a practical choice). For example, you can contact us here at iSupply HVAC or browse our modern selection. Here you can quickly compare the products and get an idea which one’s best for you. If you have questions, you can always reach us and we’ll provide you with practical advice.

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