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Australia’s Favourite Air®, Fujitsu General, has been voted the 2018 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand: air conditioning. The 2018 survey is the first time the air conditioning category has been included in the awards.

We understand that our customers are investing in our brand and trusting that we will provide their family with a comfortable living environment. Therefore, it’s not just the products that need to be of a high standard. We’re committed as Australia’s Favourite Air® to having an unprecedented focus on customer service and satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey. Ultimately it comes down to staying true to our promises.

Fujitsu’s extensive network, along with our strong Japanese heritage of innovative research, manufacturing and product development, allows the brand to continuously deliver product excellence, exceptional customer service and reliable home comfort all year round.

The Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands awards is in its 19th year, with Australian consumers being asked for opinions on what products and services are most important. The results uncover the country’s attitude on the most trustworthy brands.

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Fujitsu Lifestyle Range – Stylish, Slim and Elegant

Model Range

Fujitsu General’s KM and CM series have a stylish design accross the range, to blend in seamlessly with your home’s decor.

Ease of Use

The KM and CM ranges are accompanied by a simple and easy to use controller, giving you control over the indoor comfort of your home,right at your fingertips. With features such as low noise mode,economy operation and program timers, you can tailor your comfort needs at the touch of a button.

Energy Efficiency

The KM and cM series are amongst the most energy efficient air conditioners Fujisu has designed. With built-in features such as high efficiency DC componentry, Power Diffusers and High Density Multi-Path Heat Exchangers, these air conditioners use less power than ever before. With some models reaching a 5 star energy rating, year round comfort can be more affordable for you and your family.

Human Sensor Control

All models in the KM and CM series contain human sensor control, an intelligent feature which detects movement of people to deliver optimum efficiency and temperature control. When in operation, if the sensor detects no movement in the room after 20 minutes, the air conditioner will automatically switch to energy saving operation, modifying the temperature to minimise energy consumption. When movement is detected within the room, the air conditioner reverts back to its previous setting.


V-PAM Inverter technology increasing the maximmum output of the compressor significantly and enables high power and high efficiency.


i-PAM inverter technology enables high output and high efficiency performance.

Demand Control

This product is designed to be compatable with the Air Conditioning Demand Response Program. When your electricity provider activates one of these modes, the air conditioner switches over to an appropriate operation.

Economy Mode

The economy operation will save energy in heating, cooling and dry mode. Econamy operation is set by pressing the button on the remote control.

Washable Panel

Dust which accumulates on the air conditioner can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Apple-Catechin Filter

Fine dust, invisable mould spores and harmful microorganisms are absorbed into the filter by static electricity and further growth is inhibited and deactivated by the polyphenol ingrediant extracted from apples.

Long-Life Deodorisation Filter

The filter deodorises by powerfully decomposing absorbed odours using the oxidising and reducing effects of ion generated by the ultra-fine particle ceramic.

Wi-Fi Mobile Control

The Lifestyle range now featuring built-in wireless lan interface. By using our built-in WLAN adaptor and FGLair app, you can controlthe temperature of your home anytime and anywhere.

Easy Operation Anywhere By Smartphone & Tablet

One mobile divice can control up to 24 indoor units remotely. Multiple devices can also be used to control a single unit.



Model No. Indoor Unit  ASTG12KMCB
Outdoor Unit AOTG12KMCB
Operation Type Reverse Cyle
Power Source V / Ph / Hz 240 / 1 / 50
Capacity Cooling KW 3.5 (0.9 – 4.10)
Heating KW 3.2 (0.9 – 5.60)
Input Power Cooling KW 0.86 (0.25 – 1.38)
Heating KW 0.81 (0.25 – 1.70)
EER Cooling KW 4.07
COP Heating KW 4.57
Star Rating Cooling 3.5
Heating 4.5
Running Current Cooling / Heating Amps 4.2 / 4.0
Moisture Removal 1.8
Noise Level Indoor Sound Pressure (High/Quiet) dBA 42 / 21
Outdoor Sound Pressure dBA 49
Outdoor Sound Power dBA 67
Air Circulation (Indoor – High Fan) l / sec 200
Net Dimensions H x W x D Indoor Unit mm 268 x 840 x 203
kgs 8.5
Outdoor Unit mm 540 x 790 x 290
kgs 34
Piping Connections (Liquid / Suction) mm 6.35 / 9.52
Max Pipe Length (Precharge) m 20 (20)
Max Height Difference m 15
Operation Range Cooling CDB 10 to 46
Heating CDB -15 to 24
Refrigerant R32



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