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Our past shapes the future.

In 1952 a small team of Japanese engineers set out to realize a unique vision: to help people around the world create their perfect indoor environment.

Today, we remain true to our legacy of fine Japanese design and engineering. Every Hitachi system is designed to perform reliably with innovative technology that sets the benchmark for the industry.

This is our comitment to you. Cooling & Heating technologies to help create your interior Living Harmony.


Hitachi Cooling & Heating is a global brand leader in premium cooling and heating solutions. Global products and technology with local knowledge and service.

Our purpose

Technology is a touchpoint between people and their environment. We see our role as providing technology that brings harmony to that relationship. We believe that by looking deeper into the dynamics of people and the spaces they inhabit, we can create solutions that enrich the lives of our customers.

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Model: RCI-6.0FSN3 / RAS-6HVNC1




Standard to High Ceiling Application

These models are designed for standard to high ceiling application

Efficient Drain Pump

Equipped with an automatic drain pump, compact cassettes can lift water from the condensate drain pan up to 600mm.

Features And Benefits

  • Compact models making them ideal for small to medium sized commercial areas such as offices, restaurants and retail.
  • The new panel is fully embedded within one ceiling tile. Lights or other installations are able to be installed in the adjoining ceiling tiles.
  • High heating capacities at low temperatures.
  • Each louver of the cassette can be individually controlled for a comfortable air flow and an adaptability to all room configurations.
  • All Hitachi units offer high seasonal efficiencies.
  • Larger models pre-charged to 30m.


  • Large screen and simplified button layout.
  • Controls temp, mode, fan speed, etc.
  • 7 Day timer with multiple set points.
  • Multiple units can be operated with one controller
  • Room name and service company name programable.
  • Help menus and error code diagnosis.
  • Eco mode (SPX-WKT3).
  • Room temperature display.

DC Inverter Technology

A DC compressor offers improved performance during periods of extended operation. It also features a split rotor with displaced electrical poles, enabling the suppression of electromagnetic noise. Low-speed performance charcteristics have also been improved, leading to significant reductions in annual running costs

Precise Inverter Control

The operating speed of the compressor’s DC motor can be adjusted continuously in 1Hz increments and in free relation to the variability of the system capacity.

Slitless Fin Heating Performance

The revolutionary heat exchanger design featuring slitless fin surface improves water removal, thereby leading to reduced frosting and improved heating performance under low heating temperature conditions.

Quiet Operation – Super High-Stream Fan

Advancements in the blade design and optimisation of the inlet and outlet angles have led to a 9% increase in efficiency while still maintaining low operating noise levels.

Compact And Light

Effictive design and downsizing has led to a reduction in the footprint compared with previous models. This has made installation easier and improved maintenance access.

​Product Brochure: 4-Way Cassette – Click



Model – Indoor / Outdoor Unit RCI-6.0FSN3 / RAS-6HVNC1
General Specifications
Capacity (KW)
Cooling Capacity 13.0
Cooling Capacity Range 6.0 – 16.0
Heating Capacity 16.0
Heating Capacity Range 5.0 – 20.0
Energy Efficiency
EER / AEER 3.15 / 3.00
COP / ACOP 3.61 / 3.44
Air Flow (l/Sec)
UHI / Hi / Med / Low 617 / 583 / 467 / 367
Indoor Unit (H x W x D mm)

Height includes fascia panel

298 x 840 x 840
Outdoor:  (H x W x D mm) 1140 x 950 x 370
Weights: Indoor kg / Outdoor kg 26 / 89
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A))
Indoor unit (UHI / Hi / Med / Low) 48 / 46 / 41 / 37
Outdoor Unit (Cool / Heat / Night) 55 / 57 / 53
Sound Power
Working Range (deg C db)
Cooling -5 / 46 deg
Heating -20 / 15 deg
Fascia Panel Model P-AP160NA1 (Std – Exc Motion Sensor) / P-AP160NAE (Optional – Inc Motion Sensor)
Wired Controller (Standard) PC-ARF
Infrared Controller / Reciever (Optional) PC-AWR / PC-ALH3
3 Way Outlet Kit (Optional) PI-160LS1
Fresh Air Inlet Kit (Optional) PD-75A
Remote Input / Output Plug (Optional) PCC-1A
Hi Link Apaptor
Pipe Connection Sizes: Liquid mm / Gas mm 9.52 / 15.88
Max Pipe Length (m) 75
Max Pre Charged Length (m) 30
Max Pipe Lift (m) 30
Refrigeration Connections (Indoor / Outdoor) Flare Nut / Flare Nut
Power Supply AC 1 Ph 220 – 240V 50Hz
Outdoor Unit Max Current (Amps) 26.4



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