About Hitachi

Our past shapes the future.

In 1952 a small team of Japanese engineers set out to realize a unique vision: to help people around the world create their perfect indoor environment.

Today, we remain true to our legacy of fine Japanese design and engineering. Every Hitachi system is designed to perform reliably with innovative technology that sets the benchmark for the industry.

This is our comitment to you. Cooling & Heating technologies to help create your interior Living Harmony.


Hitachi Cooling & Heating is a global brand leader in premium cooling and heating solutions. Global products and technology with local knowledge and service.

Our purpose

Technology is a touchpoint between people and their environment. We see our role as providing technology that brings harmony to that relationship. We believe that by looking deeper into the dynamics of people and the spaces they inhabit, we can create solutions that enrich the lives of our customers.

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Model: RAD-E50YHA / RAC-E50YHA




Premium Ducted Air Conditioning

Luxurious unseen comfort for the home……… and for work. For the home, shop or office – ducted air conditioning offers the finest in luxurious, discreet comfort.

Featuring a lightweight, compact design, our ducted one-to-one systems are the ideal option when instalation spaces are tight and challenging.

RAD & RPI Series Ducted Systems

Our ducted range offers DC inverted control and the ability to achieve superior operating efficiency. Ranging from 5kW to 16kW.

Key Features

1. Space saving design – With a height of 270mm the RAD-E50, 60 and 70 can be installed in almost any application including homes, apartments or commercial buildings.

2. Easy installation & maintenance – Separable design unit for easier installation in limited roof space (RPI-3.0-6.0FSN250).

Energy Saving Features

At the push of a button, Eco Mode efficiently delivers a slightly reduced temperature to help keep energy consumption to a minimum.

Hitachi RAD Series have ultra low standby power to further increase energy efficiency.

Precise Inverter Control

The operating speed of the compressor’s DC motor can be adjusted continuously in1Hz increments and in free relation to the variability of the system capacity.

Quiet Operation – Super High-Stream Fan

Advancements in the blade design and optimisation of the inlet and outlet angles have led to an increase in efficiency while still maintaining low operating noise levels.

Stylish Remote Controllers

A fully-programmable 7-day timer offers the ability to switch all units on and off automatically to conserve power when rooms are unoccupied.

Units are able to accept external control inputs such as remote stop/start and fire alarm. System outputs including fault conditions, mode (heat/cool), and thermostat on are also available.

Peace of Mind

With a five year warranty and backed by one of Australia’s largest manufacturers, Temperzone Australia – you will always have peace of mind.

Product Crochure: Ducted



Indoor RAD-E50YHA
Outdoor RAC-E50YHA
Capacity (kW)
Cooling Capacity 5.0
Cooling Capacity Range 1.2 – 5.8
Heating Capacity 6.0
Heating Capacity Range 1.2 – 6.8
Energy Efficiency
EER / AEER 3.82 / 3.80
COP / ACOP 3.90 / 3.87
Air Flow
Air Flow l/s (Hi / Med / Low / S low) 300 / 250 / 200 / 170
External Static Pa 50 ~ 160
Indoor Unit (H x W x D mm) 270 x 900 x 720
Outdoor Unit (H x W x D mm) 750 x 850 x 298
Indoor Unit Separable No
Weights: Indoor kg / Outdoor kg 35 / 50
Sound Pressure Level (dB(a))
Indoor Unit (Hi / Med / Low / S low) Cooling 39 / 35 / 32 / 29
Outdoor Unit (Cool / Heat / Night) 50 / 53
Working Range (deg db)
Cooling -15 deg C / 46 deg C
Heating -15 deg C / 24 deg C
Pipe Connection Sizes Liquid mm / Gas mm 6.35 / 12.70 (1/4” / 1/2”)
Max Pipe Length (m) 30
Max Pre Charged Length (m) 30
Max Pipe Lift (m) (Outdoor Above / Outdoor Below) 20
Refrigeration Connections (Indoor / Outdoor) Flare Nut / Flare Nut
Air Spigot / Drain Dimensions
Supply Air Spigot (W x H mm) 815 x 219
Return Air Spigot (W x H mm) 805 x 220
Drain Dimensions Dia 32
Power Supply AC 1 Ph 220 – 240V 50Hz
Outdoor Unit Max Current 14
Recommended Fuse Size 20A
Interconnection Wires Mains 3pcs + Earth 1.5mm
Interconnection Wires Comms Refer installation manual
Type R32



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