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About Mitsubishi Electric

As a leading company in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric has a proud history in the manufacturing and supply of leading edge electrical and electronic equipment for both domestic and commercial use. Our efforts to make indoor life more comfortable began in 1921, with the introduction of our first electric fan which became an instant hit. Some 10 years later we began to manufacture coolers, which were just as popular.

Our commitment to quality service, research and development has helped us gain a leading position in today’s marketplace in a wide variety of areas including heating, cooling and air conditioning. Mitsubishi Electric ‘today technology’ provides controlled comfort wherever you live, work and relax.

Whether it’s consistent heating and cooling for the home or office, Mitsubishi Electric offers you state-of-the-art technology that is quiet, simple to use, energy efficient and above all, reliable.

Single room

Wall mounted split system

The range of wall mounted reverse cycle split system air conditioners are designed for single rooms through to larger open-plan living areas. The range includes the award winning MSZ-AP series.

Floor console

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-KJ Series floor mounted reverse cycle air conditioners are designed for stylish, unobtrusive wall-attached installation at floor level. They are an ideal solution when wall space is at a premium.

Ceiling mounted

No walls available to mount a split system? Or limited ceiling space for a ducted system? The compact ceiling cassette air conditioning system may be the perfect solution.


Our ceiling-concealed unit has a reduced installation space height with impressively quiet operation. The units are installed in a bulkhead and are ideal for bedroom and living rooms.

Multiple rooms

Mitsubishi Electric MXZ series multi split systems allow connection of 2 to 8 indoor units to a single outdoor unit. Choose from different types of indoor units (such as wall mounted, floor console, ceiling cassette etc.) depending on your design challenge.

Mini VRF Single Fan PUMY-SP allows connection of a combination of multiple indoor units (up to 12) to a single outdoor unit, all with individual control. These models are designed to be unobtrusive with the outdoor unit height of 981 mm.

Whole house

Whether it is consistent heating and cooling for the home or office, Mitsubishi Electric offers your state-of-the-art technology that is quiet, simple to use, energy efficient, and above all, reliable. Our ducted air conditioning systems are ideal for multiple room applications and can incorporate optional zone control if required.

Control your comfort anywhere, anytime

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control allows you to control your Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner via your smartphone, tablet or online account. By connecting the optional Wi-Fi Control adapter to each indoor unit, you can control functions like HEAT or COOL mode, temperature and fans speeds. If you have a ducted system with an optional zone controller, you can control individual zones. Find out more about Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control, including system requirements.
Smart Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control can be used as a smart air conditioning system with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Whether you want to set the temperature, turn your air conditioner on or off, or hear what the air conditioner is set to, just ask Alexa or Google. Find out everything you need to know to enable voice control with Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning.
Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales, of electrical and electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications. As a global company, we’re applying our technologies to contribute to society and daily life around the world.

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Mitsubishi Electric Floor Standing KW Series 6.0kW / 6.8kW





Mitsubishi Electric Floor Standing KW Series – 2.5KW – 6.0KW

Mitsubishi Electric – High capacity, simple, flat design in harmony with living spaces raises the value of your room to the next level.


Slim, Sophisticated Design



Floor consoles feature a new contemporary sleek design that harmonises with interiors.


Inverter Technology

How does a heat pump work // Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric inverter technologies ensure superior performance including the optimum control of operation frequency. Optimum power is applied in all heating/cooling ranges and maximum comfort is achieved while reducing energy consumption.

Economic Operation



Impressively low operating cost is a key advantage of inverter air cutting-edge electronics and mechanical technologies. To achieve a synergistic effect that enables improvements in heating/cooling efficiency.


Rapid Heating Technology

MFZ-KJ Rapid Heat Floor Console Heat Pumps // Mitsubishi Electric

MFZ Series ensures a comfortable room temperature is reached faster with Rapid Heating Technology. Warm air is blown out in a downward direction and then sucked back into the unit to quickly raise the temperature of the air being blown out.

Multi Flow Vane



A powerful blower allows distribution of air from the upper and lower air outlets. The result is a comfortable environment with an even temperature throughout the room. Three uniquely shaped vanes control the airflow and allow the freedom to customise comfort according to preferences.


i-Save mode



“i-Save” is a setting function that recalls the preferred (preset) temperature by pressing the i-Save button on the remote controller.


Wi-Fi Control*1

Mitsubishi AirCon - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

Unlock the door to smarter cooling and heating for total home comfort. You can control and monitor your air conditioner from anywhere anytime via your smartphone, tablet or online account.

*1 Optional upgrade adapter required per unit.Requires an Internet connection and the App downloaded from the App Store or GooglePlay Store on your smartphone or tablet with the latest Operating System available.


Peace of Mind


Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners range used in residential applications are covered by a full 5 year parts and labour warranty. Delivering quality performance year in year out.




  • Heating & Cooling
  • Inverter Technology
  • Only 19dB (KJ 25/35)
  • Econo Cool
  • Nano Platinum Filter
  • Horizontal Auto Vane
  • Horizontal Swing
  • Pure White
  • Built-In Weekly Timer
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Guaranteed Operating Range – Cooling at -10°C ~ 46°C / Heating at -15°C ~ 24°C
  • Error Logs
  • Vertical Airflow
  • Easy Installation (with levelling plate)
  • Emergency Operation Switch
  • Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter

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