Ceiling mounted ACs are space efficient (you can use the wall space for something else or make your interior design neat). These are great for single-storey homes with restricted layout and space for wall-mounted systems.

Should I have a ceiling mounted air conditioner?

Available space and interior design are often the main considerations when making the decision. After all, both ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted ACs bring the same results when it comes to comfort and temperature control. Depending on the AC’s specifications and the way it’s installed, you can still achieve a high efficiency and performance all the same.

However, wall-mounted systems are still more common because of the ease in their placement and installation. Technicians can easily find a way to install the wall-mounted unit in almost any kind of indoor environment. In contrast, ceiling-mounted units require enough space in the ceiling which is why there should be an inspection first. These are also more difficult to install and maintain because of issues on accessibility and long cables required.

Because of the disadvantages of ceiling-mounted systems, homeowners and asset managers often think twice before making the choice. Also, it’s always safe to have a wall-mounted AC and most likely it’s a practical choice for you whether it’s for your home or workplace. Both the placement and removal are quick and easy (on the other hand, it can be tricky to install or remove the ceiling-mounted type).

Yes, there are compact ceiling-mounted ACs with heights of around 300mm or less. This makes them more attractive and practical in many dwellings and workplaces. But the purchase can require a bit more reading and consulting because it’s different from the common wall-mounted types.

If you want to get a quick idea about the features of ceiling mounted ACs, you can browse through this page and quickly explore your options. We have a wide selection from known brands such as Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and Samsung.

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