Comfort is essential to focusing and getting things done. After all, it’s hard to concentrate on cognitive tasks and make practical decisions if we feel uncomfortable (perhaps it’s too hot or too humid). In addition, the discomfort lowers our productivity and even affects our overall mood whether it’s time for work or not (e.g. while talking with friends or spouse).

Staying comfortable in the home office

To stay comfortable in the home office and hence improve your focus and productivity, it’s crucial to have a quality and reliable air conditioner around. Its job is to maintain temperature levels so that it won’t get too hot nor too cold. With that consistency in temperature and comfort levels, it becomes much easier for us to focus and be productive.

Another way to stay comfortable is to wear comfortable clothes in the first place. Well, at home offices we can wear anything we want. However, we should also think about the comfort and mindset. For example, it helps to many that they still dress well even if it’s just a virtual meeting with colleagues or performing a task in front of the computer. With comfortable and appropriate clothes, we get the mindset about focus and productivity.

To sustain our focus and productivity, most of us rely on coffee or tea. The caffeine and sudden burst of drive and energy help us propel through the day. However, the caffeine might cause our temperatures to rise due to increased heart rate and blood flow. We might also feel jittery which in turn affects our mental clarity and sharpness in making balanced decisions.

Another way to stay comfortable and focused while in the home office is to minimise our time in it. With long hours of work we’ll feel the tasks as a burden and we can always imagine we could be doing something else. As a result, we start to feel uncomfortable even though the temperature and humidity levels are fine. But if we get things done fast (e.g. with proper air conditioning that helps us quickly focus), we minimise our time at the office. We can also call it a day and do other things that indeed matter to us.

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