Energy star ratings tell something about energy efficiency. It’s useful for comparing different appliance models of the same size. More stars mean higher efficiencies and this helps customers make a practical choice especially when it comes to air conditioners.

What do energy star ratings mean?

You get more value from ACs with higher energy ratings. This means you get more value from each kWh and every dollar you pay for electricity. This is important because electricity costs are getting higher and notice that we’re keeping the air conditioners on for almost the entire day or night.

To come up with those energy ratings, the appliances undergo standardised testing as required by law and in line with the official Australian and New Zealand Standard. Government agencies have been paying close attention to the energy efficiency of appliances because it affects the nation’s environmental and economic health. This is also a way of helping customers make a practical choice.

As a result, AC makers such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung and Panasonic face additional pressure to make their products more efficient. They’ve been trying to outdo one another to gain more sales and market share. This leads to a healthy competition that ultimately benefits the customers.

Modern ACs under the most popular brands are always a safe choice. In addition, they have modern features that allow for higher energy savings (e.g. Eco Mode, sensors to detect presence and movement). There are several abundant choices but the challenge now is to select the best for your preferences and requirements.

Here you can quickly browse through a wide range of selection. You can quickly view the brand, model, capacity in kW as well as the pricing. This makes it easier for you to compare the choices just like how the energy ratings help you make a wise choice.

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