Is bigger always better? No, and perhaps we should only focus on the better or which brings us the highest return.

It’s especially the case with air conditioners where the unit should effectively cool or heat the room (and get our money’s worth). For example, a 2.5kW unit won’t be powerful enough to cool a 40 sqm living room. The unit will overwork or most likely it can’t make the temperature comfortable for everyone. It might still feel too hot and clammy even when the unit is new and working at full power.

What’s the right size air conditioner should I get?

Here, the “one-size-fits-all” doesn’t work. That’s because rooms and spaces have varying layouts, dimensions, insulation and orientation to the sun (i.e. if the sun directly heats the room, the air conditioner should have a higher capacity). The climate in your location also matters a lot (e.g. places far from the sea and urban areas are often hotter throughout the day and night).

What if we just choose an air conditioner with the highest kW? Perhaps people think this way to be safe. However, the upfront cost is high because higher-kW air conditioners are more expensive. Also, oversized units start up and shut down more frequently which means energy surges. This frequent on and off also results in wear and tear sooner, which leads to sooner or more frequent repairs. It’s also possible that the unit will need to be replaced much earlier than expected.

To make sure you’re making the right choice, it’s recommended to consult a licensed professional first. A qualified HVAC technician will consider the room’s layout, dimension, insulation, orientation to the sun, the site’s geographical location and other factors. Then, the technician will recommend the right kW range of air conditioner to purchase. The technician will also strongly advise on where to install the unit. This way, you’ll make the right choice and you’ll also know that the unit will be strategically installed and positioned.

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